Sports: Cricket

Cricket has been played by Dale College students since the school’s conception. We are proud to be a Cricket South Africa Focus school, and to also be one of the few schools in South Africa that holds “Blue Chip” status.

Some of the greatest cricketers produced by Dale College include Hylton Ackerman, Makhaya Ntini, Mondi Zondeki and Malibongwe Maketa.

We believe it is vital to maintain, and in some cases recapture, the spirit and traditions in which cricket is played. The values of honesty, fair play, respect for others, accepting the umpire’s decision, courtesy and self-discipline, as enshrined in the game. Coaches, captains, players and administrators are given the responsibility of upholding these traditional values, which make cricket the game it is.

Dale College has two scenic grounds on which our home matches are played. We also boast 4 turf and 10 artificial cricket nets.