Dear Parents and Learners

Dear Parents and Learners

Dear Parents and Learners 150 150 Dale College
Dear Parents and Leaders

I want to salute all Dale College teachers and learners who have been engaging in school work during this COVID-19 lockdown. Much has been said about the shift to e-learning and working from home, but we are fully aware of the challenges this poses to many, especially the disconnected and poor. One thing is apparent, and I would like to stress it to you: During this Lockdown, society is undergoing massive shifts. If you and your family are not engaging remotely, our strongest encouragement is for you to find ways and means to be able to work independently of the formal structure we know as school. While school (as we know it) might resume when this pandemic passes, society will have made significant shift to remote connectivity. To maximise our (please, every one of you: read YOUR) involvement in this new order, we (YOU) need to ensure that we are positioned to participate in remotely and independently.

As a school, we were not well positioned to respond to a crisis of this nature. I am pleased, however, with how our staff have responded. Teachers should all be communicating with learners through WhatsApp groups or Google Classroom. If your son is not connected via these media, please will you contact the teacher directly. As parent one option is for you to be added to those groups. The following teachers have set up Google Classroom groups, and codes are as follows if learners are not on these yet:
• Life Science and Natural Science (Open to all learners)
o Gr8 NS – c2fwsqv
o Gr9 NS – lx4r76z
o Gr10 LS – ve5xalp
o Gr11 LS – e54c7xu
o Gr12 LS – orcw7hw
• Gr10 Physical Science (Both classes) – 4zv667h
• Gr12 Math Literacy (Both classes) – 5et5ybf

The production of the Lockdown work program summary which accompanies this letter should give everyone broad guide of what is expected for the week ahead. It has been stressed to teachers that this should not be their only communication with learners, but that further discussion of the work will be done directly with the learners. Thank you, again, to all our teachers for responding to this challenging situation.

Much is being published and said regarding the proposed starting dates for schools. I am afraid to say that much of this is unconfirmed news, and we are waiting on official communication from the Education Department. In the meantime, I can offer the following links which we find useful:

• Vodacom have zero-rated their education package. This means they charge no data costs to access this website. Resources are available for various (but not all subjects). Please visit and follow the links to be able to access these resources.

• Vodacom have also hugely reduced their data costs for lockdown purposes. By dialling *123*4# from a Vodacom number you can qualify for “your town” data packages at a cost of R19 for 1Gig of data.
• Snapplify has opened access to all e-textbooks until the end of the year. This means you will be able to download your son’s textbooks for FREE for remote learning while schools are closed. Access to this is through

Parent, lastly, please can I ask that you also prioritise the paying of school fees during this time. We understand that many parents may have lost their means of income during this lockdown period, but for those who are still able to do so, your school fees need to carry the salaries of our SGB employed staff! Please contact Mrs Geyer ( or 084 400 0493 for WhatsApp or SMS only) if you need to change your normal method of payments with schools closed now or make arrangements. The school’s bank details, if you don’t have them, are:
Dale College Boys’ High School
First National Bank
Account No.: 526 4119 2093
Branch No.: 210519

Per ardua ad astra

Kind regards,
Garth Shaw